More than two centuries of history await to accommodate you with one and only purpose...
to feel like home!

In the historical center of the city, behind Averof Street among the sidewalks of Anexartisias, Yiosef Eligia, and Koundouriotou  Streets there is, Psalida, a quiet quaint street.

There is a number of old buildings and shops still standing in the vicinity of the Castle which are reminiscent of the long history of the city.
















The Traditional "Matsa " Guesthouse, located at 5 Psalida Street, is housed in a traditional restored building that has been there for more than 150 years.
A restored Jewish home of the 19th century, rebuilt with care and respect to tradition, accommodates four small apartments, each one unique, with a beautiful courtyard.

Elegantly decorated with memorabilia from the "Matsa" family home, the Traditional Guesthouse open its doors to guests, with a one an only purpose, to make them "feel at home ".
















The Traditional "Matsa " Guesthouse is comprised of four furnished flats, each one unique, where you can enjoy family warmth and attentive hospitality in elegantly refurbished surroundings in harmony with aesthetics and functionality


Traditional Matsa Studio Apartments
Ioannina: Longitude 20°49 '1" - Latitude 39°42 '0" Elevation 483m
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